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Marleena Garris

And what I can say looking back on it.
Part One.

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I once tried desperately to forget someone. I did all the things you read about. Getting rid of things, occupying my mind with something else. Work. Lots, and lots of work constantly, mercilessly, without letting up and breath. I ate (okay, I really ate for me, but who doesn’t?) and then I tried doing that thing where you write to them and then burn it. Or something like that…it was a long time ago.

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Old habits won’t die.

Some for yourself, they said.

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Did you know there was going to be a Matrix 4?

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A check-in

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Marleena Garris

INTJ. I focus on productivity, freelancing, personal stories, and food. Honest — sometimes hilarious — truth. Everyone has an angle, join the club.

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